Friday, February 27, 2015

I Finally Met Her!

Sunday something, actually a couple of  extraordinary events happened! I do have a tendency to draw to me extraordinary things! Obviously, opposites attract!
The first out of the ordinary thing is that I accepted willing to go to a hike in the snow! I was quite excited actually! It is not the hike that I dreaded! I really love to walk and pretty much walk everywhere if I have the chance to! But the snow and me, though opposite (The exception that did not prove the rule I guess!) do not, to say the least, attract! I had a horrible snow related incident growing up and since, I have a fear of it! But I took one big leap of courage... no, not truthfully! I did not know there will be this much snow... Force majeur, I could not go back so I had to go forward! (Can't I have credit for that? Bravo me!) But it was worth it! This immersion therapy worked well! I did cheat a bit, walking on the steps of someone before me, ashamedly maybe ten years younger than myself! The whole thing was very enjoyable! The people were so so wonderful!!
The second very amazing thing that happened is what I really wanted to share!
When I was a little kid at school, there was a nice building facing us with balconies full of nice flowers and plants. On one of them, there was a lady who used to sunbathe everyday when we had our long break! I thought she was a princess or a fairy with her long silky beautiful hair and fair lovely skin. I saw her daily in the morning with her beautiful loose braid walking out of the Church with a smiling peaceful face... she really made such an impression on little me. I used to look up and say in my little naive brain then when I grow up I will be like her! I will be this beautiful! Now the odds, called odd for a reason, did not work that way and I did not turn out to be a fairy like princess! 
I often thought about this lady later on in life, what would our conversation be, what would the encounter be like, what will I say, how she will react, bref... I never saw her again since I left school and that in truly ten years ago! I developed a love for the sun that reminded me of her habit and because I am fascinated by lovely hair and braids (vendredi vanité!) 
Until! This Sunday! On a hike, on the snow! Really life is so beautifully odd!! I could not believe it! Is she really going with me to the same walk? It was one moment of wawness (waw with an a is a higher level of a wow with an o! try to say it and see!). I hesitently approached her and told her: are you really this lady that lives here and sunbathed and does this lovely braid... and she said yes so I told her, I thought you were a princess and I always wanted to meet you! You are the most elegant lady I knew and your face shines the love and peace of God when you walk that I really wanted to be your friend! Her reaction was not what I expected! or maybe I did! She hugged me and told me I am an angel! She had little tiny tears in her eyes and told me that she never heard such sincere compliments... 
There are two things that I kept from this wonderful meeting! To keep on never keeping a compliment in my stomach! Really this does miracles! God always looks down upon us with compliments! 
And the second thing is, really there is nothing too high or too far or too impossible! I never imagined in my life to meet this lady but it happened! What seems so far away in a second can become so close and what is too high in a word from the mouth of God becomes low and what is impossible for men is really possible for Him! 

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