Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Moth Free Soul

Last Monday, while I was picking up some friends, nature decided to entertain me!
I do not mind moths in general. They remind me that I should always seek the light and that is really beautiful. I mind them in particular, when I am sitting in my car, it is raining outside and it decides to spend some time flying around me.
When it stopped pouring and only a few gentle drops coming down, I decided to get out of the car and open the doors to free that little creature. I waited for about five minutes (yeah my friends did take long to come down, about a quarter of an hour!) and then I closed again and there was no sign of the moth in the car even after scrupulous (that is a cool word) search! I thought I was the champion (I have the song We are the Champions my Friends and we'll keep on fighting till the end ♪♪ coming to mind and I hope you as well are brain singing it now). The moth is out and I am free and happy again in a moth-free safe car!
I bet you guessed, and you got it right! A few days later, almost a week later actually, on Monday this week, the moth showed up again!! I was really really surprised! I mean where was it! I totally thought it was kicked out! But this time I made sure I saw it getting out of the window! 
Such a timely anecdote! Nature is so cool! seriously!
During this season of the year, I think something like the moth experience happens. Sometimes I think I have chased this little sin out of my life a long time ago just to realize that actually it has been lurking all that time in the shadow and maybe laying some eggs here and there! When time of fasting and prayer comes, this moth comes back to surface, maybe fiercer than ever but I know that it is a season of grace too, a time of open windows, a time when God blows His Spirit again and renews! 
I think it is time for me to re-examine my car, my soul, for any lurking moth and bring them before the Lord to lead them out definitively! 


  1. That is an amazing insight into lent time! I will definitely re-examine my "car" now. Thanks Vicco. NMM