Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Waterless Tap! A Dry Filter!

We have a very small kitchenette here at the office with two taps, one for regular tap water and the other for drinking water. For that one, the drinking water tap, we use a cool kind of filter. They come in almost every imaginable colour and they gave me the privilege to pick the colour every month! I picked yellow for June! sun and all!
The filter is actually like a huge cotton thing attached to this coloured plastic end that enters in the mouth of the tap and the water passes through and the cotton gets wet and we have , supposedly, clean water in our cups and for the delicious coffee that I make! (I think I need to work on my describing skills but oh well that is my best, I count on your awesome imagination to guess how our filter looks like!)
I love, love, love to be the one using the filter for the first time. It makes like this sparkling (sparkles fascinate me) sound as the cotton end expands a bit with the water. 
Now sadly for the past couple of days, from the beginning of this week that is, we have no drinking water running down this tap. (Do not worry! We are washing our hands after using the bathroom!! The other tap is working magically well... she's even a bit boastful to be "the one and only one" for now).
Yesterday and the day before we could still get a few drops out of the filter, but today it was totally dry. I felt like it migrated to the desert... and this made me realize something! For two days I did not really realize the impact of no water running out of this tap, beside the fact that we were using bottled water instead. But today it was crystal clear. It was dry, dry unlike when we put it newly... it was dead! I cannot wait for when the water comes back! It will be so cool to see the filter come alive again!!
This made me think of my life... Many times I decide to cut out the Water... to become a waterless tap, ... Many times I dare journey away from the Running Water, from the Fountain of Life ...and for quite some time I do not feel the change... I am still somehow able to give a few drops here and there but soon enough I get dry... and dry unlike the first time I ever realized that I was dry, I crack, I stink... I die... And I walk like I am still functional attached to the tap but in reality I am only a useless colourful (maybe) filter... but this Water, unlike ours here, will never stop and waits for me to come again and revive this dry, dead, filter that I am... I pray that I will ever always immerse myself in the Living Water! I pray that I never allow my filter to think he is functional alone, away from the source... And I pray that even if I do that I realize quickly my dryness and reopen the tap, enter again into His reviving preserve and get imbibe myself in all His ways! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June: A Generous Tune

O taste and see that the Lord is good; happy are those who take refuge in him 
 Psalm 34:8
It is a beautiful sunny afternoon and I am thinking... oh how nice it is to have such a vibrant sun out there. June is finally kicking! I love the sun so so much that I feel we have some magnetic attraction her and me... In all her positivity all my negativity just melts!
June is very generous... and it reminded me of the goodness and the generosity of the Lord. There is a certain feeling of drunkenness that one gets from the heat that is so similar to the one we get from eating too much or dancing too much or even just sleeping too much... It is so hazy, I dare say one may almost hallucinate... June is rememberful, as in he awakes the memory, of stories in our childhood, of summers long ago, of our beloveds, of things from here and there... And my colleagues was taken by this spirit of rememberfullness and he was telling me a story about how good the Lord is and how He sees everything. That reminded me of a story! (What a Juneful cycle!) ps. If anyone is searching for a neologist linguister, I am all up for it!
A few years ago I was attending vespers at a very nice little church and at the end of the service they give some very tasty beard . Usually there is enough (and more) for everyone but that day, they had just enough for everyone except the lady behind me.This bread  is probably as delightful as manna was for the Moses generation! And here I had my piece in hand and was ready to devour it and I saw that there was no more and so in some very unusual act of generosity of my part, I turn and offer her my piece which she takes happily (she was not aware that is was the last piece). I was not sad, actually I was happy. My heart was peaceful... I went back to my place to take my bag and leave just to see a  dude running toward me with one WHOLE bread loaf and he goes "this is all for you miss"... I say "oh wow, why... how!"... And he tells me that he was inside watching the line and he saw what happened and he has this one kept aside for later but he decided to give it to me and get some more for later. I was happy before... but now I was very very happy! And truly happy are those who take refuge in the Lord... Not because of a small (or big piece of bread) but because it goes far far more beyond that.... 
It is a silly story but it reminded me of the goodness of the Lord. That no matter how generous we are, He is the source of generosity... No matter how tasty that bread was, He is the sweetest taste our souls can ever feast upon.... and if sometimes bitterness grows here and there I will shake it off me because I have tasted and seen how good our God is...
June gave my heart a song of thanksgiving. June gave my heart a taste of heaven...
Really the Lord sees, and really the Lord is generous...
O taste and see that the Lord is good; happy are those who take refuge in him...
It is a beautiful afternoon!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

A Confetti Confession

I think... surprising, I know ... because if you have any insight about me, it would be definitely that I am far far from being a thinker... But nonetheless I do some rare times think... 
I think if confetti particles had a way to express themselves (confetti particles: you can thank me later for being your audible voice) they would let us know how much of a mess they are. They are, supposedly, the rest of the fancy paper we use for greater decoration. They are the trash of our paper perforation. They are the edges, the cut-outs, the residues, the leftovers... And perhaps they are truly just for garbage, outright truth. Yet, my tiny confetti friends do no give up. The gather themselves from the deep bag of uselessness and march toward the packet of celebration (yay). One confettus (I imagine that would be the singular for confetti... ref. cacti and cactus... Unless! it has Italian origins than it would be confetto... thoughts?) does not accept the mess of a confettus he is. He rises... even if a broom is needed... and one smack on the bottom cannot always be a bad thing... !  He joins! He joins the multitude of other confetti particles and shouts a song of joy at the victory, the victory of rising from the utter uselessness to one of great use...  To be tossed around...To being a celebration's most lovely guest! CONFETTI!!!( yes! They do make me happy in a silly way!)
Maybe my life after all is just one big bag of little confetti... A mess after the other... yet they rise... and they are gathered...sometimes pushed, sometimes smacked... but they do rise and they will join their voices to make some sort of sense... They will, in their utmost uselessness be of a great use... just maybe... I hope! To be a guest in the  great celebration before His throne... When my life will unfold all its particles in one deep shout of joy, one final toss into His arms!