Monday, June 17, 2013

Choose Life

Today I had life on my mind. I really love life. I have tasted and seen what is life to the fullest with Jesus Christ. But there are days when I wonder what is taking God so long to make His kingdom come already. Today was one of those days. As I was walking home I remembered the well known verse that they use in many antiabortion campaigns where God tells the people of Israel that He placed before them a choice between life and death, curse and blessing and He explicitly asks them to choose life. It is kind of obvious, God, I mean who would want to choose curse and death... And I was thinking about all these debates that go on in trying to decorticate this word, with, against, when, what stage... and all that hassle... but my mind kept getting back to me... oh you self-centered brain! Today, this very day choose life... Right, okay... Not that I am going to abort... I am not close to get even married... Sure I will choose life when it comes to that! And again an urge to choose life today, now, overwhelms me... Choose in your day, this very day life... Choose it over despair, choose it over hopelessness, choose it over gloom, over anything in your life that does not give life... Choose it over the desert of your heart, choose it over your dry soul... Choose life today. One strong, loud message that kept me struck... I arrive home and I want to know more... Why are you giving me this obvious choice Lord? What is it that you put before us to choose from? A life with Me, a life in full relationship with Me... A life that orbits around Me... With all your heart, with all your soul... A life of worshipping me, singing to me, reading me, listening to me... A life all about Me!  And I will restore... I, your Lord, will bring you back from far away, I will breath into you again and again my Spirit, I will give you life, life to the fullest! Today choose life, today choose ME!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Delightfully a Pizza!

I was sitting today and all these things going on. Really a lot falling on my desk, on my mind, on my schedule... I felt there is something I need to get out. I wrote a poem, it did help a bit but I needed something more. The door phone rings... Pizza delivery... None ordered it. He leaves... I was not hungry but there is something delightful in pizza that you can't hear of it and not want it (or at least me). Flat plain bread opening its arms, its heart wide to all the chaos that will fall on, arranging in an beautiful way all the ingredients from the pot to the hot from the hot to the sweet, form the sweet to the sour, form the sour to the top and so on, tomatoes, olives, peppers, cheese, pineapples, you name it! And instead of looking in disdain to what will weigh more on that dough, it welcomes it in a spirit of joy and it gives it the chance to add to the worth of it. 
I told my stuff, my thoughts, my chaos: change of plans... not going to cook despair and spill thing out...welcome to my flat soul and I will bake my pizza with you!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Dory the Myrrhbearer

I love questions. I love asking and being asked. One of my favourite questions is to see with who people would identify if they were a book or movie character. It is very nice to watch how people start day dreaming and give their imagination a go. Responses are really interesting and fun and often time conversation opening... People like to be heroes... Many characters come to my mind when they reciprocate the question and depending on the situation I alter between a few but most time Dory wins. I am a Dory-inspired person! 
At all times there is a need for a hope bearer, someone will will believe that impossible are possible... Dory reminds me of the myrrhbearers, the Marys that went to the tomb... with a childlike faith that the rock will be removed... with a naivety that accept that He is risen... With a joy to give to the disciple that I am sure would have sounded nonsense... almost like talking whale...
I hope I am a good Dory!