Monday, June 3, 2013

Dory the Myrrhbearer

I love questions. I love asking and being asked. One of my favourite questions is to see with who people would identify if they were a book or movie character. It is very nice to watch how people start day dreaming and give their imagination a go. Responses are really interesting and fun and often time conversation opening... People like to be heroes... Many characters come to my mind when they reciprocate the question and depending on the situation I alter between a few but most time Dory wins. I am a Dory-inspired person! 
At all times there is a need for a hope bearer, someone will will believe that impossible are possible... Dory reminds me of the myrrhbearers, the Marys that went to the tomb... with a childlike faith that the rock will be removed... with a naivety that accept that He is risen... With a joy to give to the disciple that I am sure would have sounded nonsense... almost like talking whale...
I hope I am a good Dory! 

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