Thursday, May 19, 2011


Bananas are very cool! They go from green to nice shiny yellow to spotted soft yellow. The transformation process is very fascinating and the sweet thing is that it taste differently from stage to stage but still edible and always a good treat! 

I think bananas age with grace, the older the more dotted, the more dotted the sweeter. I hope I will age like a banana! 

And when we do a fruit salad at home we do not add the banana except just before serving the cup because if we open it too early it becomes black and ruined. I think I must shift this lesson to other things in my life too!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I often wondered how God thought of eyelashes! But then I remember that He thinks of all pretty things. 
They are beautiful but no one would site them if they are naming body organs or mention they had an issue with them like head or stomach or even fingers. 
In fact very much unnoticeable and yet very noticeable when it comes to aesthetic, their role might not be so brilliant as my heart or my ears, but I could not think my face without them!
Oh and sometimes, just when it is crucial to their existence, they decide to fall in my eye and prove their power! You could not miss that!

Monday, May 9, 2011

God is not Pheonician

Pheonicians were renowned traders and merchants. They always ended up winning the deals: getting the best of all situations.
God took my worst at the highest price that could ever be paid and all my goods are already a gift from Him! I wonder if He could ever be a member of the High Pheonician Council of Merchants!
But now my worth  is His worth and my price is His Blood, dare I make a losing trade and waste His generous offer!!