Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Closing Doors

The first thought that came to my mind when I started writing this post was: 
A series of unfortunate event... 
After my cake mishap, comes my not very pleasant but fruitful experience with doors... 

I love doors very much so and give them all the due respect! I have never driven with an open door for example and I will never slap a door in your face if you ever visit me! 
Unfortunately, in this life, not everything, treats you the way you treat them! And even though doors usually reciprocate my love, yesterday was not one of these days! 
I was carrying some grocery bags and I thought I opened the door wide enough for me to have time to enter and let it close alone behind me (I guess maybe I am a little at fault, I got so used to automatic sensors that I lost my proper sense of sensing!) but the door was too quick or thought I was faster than I am and it hit me in the back of my foot so so hard that I almost fainted from the pain! It bled a river and got swollen in all the colours of the rainbow (it still looks pathetic today and hurts a lot!)! 
Nonetheless, in this moment of inexplicable pain I had a lucid moment of revelation! 
I have heard before that we should never leave open doors in our lives for the devil and I always wondered, who on earth wants to leave an open door for him! Yesterday I realized that it could be that we closed the door it but we did not make sure it was properly shut leaving him a chance to snap quicker than our will to fight!  I thought too about the fake open doors that we see in our lives because we want to make way when there's obviously none and we go for it but it ends up being a closing one and it hits us hurting us so badly! 
O for a gentler way to learn...
But it was a opportune time for me to learn from my pain! I will be searching this season for any fake open doors in my life and make sure I properly close them!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My 100th Post: Eternally Finite and Infinite Eternity

I have been thinking for quite a while about what can I possibly write about for my hundredth post (woohoo!). As usual, whenever I think about something it never comes and when I stop thinking it just pops up (Nature is begging me to stop my useless thinking I guess...)! Hence comes the post number one hundred on a bitter-sweet tone as it should be for such a celebration!

Morn with me if you may!
Yesterday I spend about three hours preparing a cake for a friend before Lent as a little token of my love to her... It was done, beautiful and smelling a heavenly smell. While waiting for it to cool a bit before I transfer it to his  pretty box home I made for him,  he fell, broke into a million piece and died. I was crushed with it! I shed a couple of very warm tears (I realized that you might think that my life is a hyperbole but I promise it is not as melodramatic as it sounds!!):

Some broken things may never be whole again
Some lost things may never be found
Some dead thing may never come to life again
Some old things may never be renewed
Some pasts may never be present again
And that is really okay!

At the same time, while something in my heart ached something in my mind reminded me to be thankful in all circumstances. Something in my heart ached not only for the cake but for all lost things in my life, all lost things around me... I started to think about all those bakers who might have lost loaves of bread that would have fed their family and something in my head prompted me to say a prayer for them... And suddenly my dead cake rose in as a sweet offering for all those who are suffering loss, whatever kind it may have been, in their lives... Suddenly, truly, the poems and verses I read in my life about phoenixes rising from aches or beauty from pain or waters in the deserts came back to my mind so vividly bringing another dimension, a human dimension to my little cake... 

Rejoice with me, you must!

You have turned for me my mourning into dancing;
 you have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness.
Psalm 31:11

My broken life was made whole in Him
My lost life was found in Him
I was revived
I was renewed
I was living an eternal infinity in a finite moment 
and that is really the point!

Happy 100th to me! 
*Confetti and balloons*