Friday, June 7, 2013

Delightfully a Pizza!

I was sitting today and all these things going on. Really a lot falling on my desk, on my mind, on my schedule... I felt there is something I need to get out. I wrote a poem, it did help a bit but I needed something more. The door phone rings... Pizza delivery... None ordered it. He leaves... I was not hungry but there is something delightful in pizza that you can't hear of it and not want it (or at least me). Flat plain bread opening its arms, its heart wide to all the chaos that will fall on, arranging in an beautiful way all the ingredients from the pot to the hot from the hot to the sweet, form the sweet to the sour, form the sour to the top and so on, tomatoes, olives, peppers, cheese, pineapples, you name it! And instead of looking in disdain to what will weigh more on that dough, it welcomes it in a spirit of joy and it gives it the chance to add to the worth of it. 
I told my stuff, my thoughts, my chaos: change of plans... not going to cook despair and spill thing out...welcome to my flat soul and I will bake my pizza with you!

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