Saturday, February 14, 2015

Highlight Love!

Happy Saint Valentine's Day everyone!
It is one beautiful occasion to celebrate love! I know a lot of people who  think this is one commercial feast anyway and one should not celebrate it but I think that Valentine is really proud to know that the day of his beheading is now a day to celebrate love. I mean if I was Valentine myself, which for many reasons is not possible, I would much rather prefer to be an inspiration of love instead to be remembered headless. And really I love and respect and wish and want to be a martyr but at the end of the day, at that final day, we will find God and God is love and not martyrdom (though I think that it should be more earnestly thought after than it is now but that is another topic!).
I did not think much about the 1 Corinthians 13 chapter this year at all for Valentine's but it somehow manages to make surface anyway. (I was more into Medieval love poems and some Chesterton ones, if you care, which I doubt, about what I was focusing on this season!). But as I was saying, that famous passage came to my mind strongly before I went to sleep on this lovingly spent day.
Love covers a multitude of sins.
I remembered my amazing friend once time suggested that I should write about highlight markers, and I really wanted to but I had no idea what these pens would teach me especially knowing that I do seldom use them!
Love covers a multitude of sin!
I was taking a shower and thinking about these highlight makers and Valentines (and my very lovely red velvet cake! Yey! I made one for the first time and it was delicious!! and I am very happy!)
I have been accused of being biased when I talk about my friends but really when you love someone it is not hard to see any wrong in them but it is amazingly easily to love them regardless of that! What I find wonderful is that when you love someone, you do really cover a multitude of weakness they have and boy! how much I get cover up for!! 
When you love someone you start naturally to highlight, to mark out the wonderful attributes they have! And it is really so lovely and beautiful! It is like having this person as a paper full of all sort of information and you start colouring all the wonderful things about their being! All their importance, all their amzingness!!
But my heart lead me to even take a further step towards loving others. To do that little exercise and start highlighting all the lovely and wonderful things I see in every single person and not just the ones that my heart beat for! To earnestly search for it!! To cover their sins, to get past it and to put in the light their most exquisite side! To see them in the eye of the Lord, who knows our limits and our failures but yet sees us in that wonderful loving perspective, highlighting His image in us and putting it to value instead of our own deformed image!

I decided to walk with mental highlight markers from now on! 


  1. I highlight your incredible mind and your eagerness to honor and love others. You're such a gift to all who know you ❤

  2. Maybe the meaning of Valentine would change if everyone sees it like you do ! Amazing