Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Thirteen

You know there is this superstition that says Friday thirteen brings bad luck. I find superstitions fascinating. It is really amazing how they are born out of the ordinary. Correlations that are totally true but deeply erroneous, facts that happened, related to conclusions that are so absurd! But I will not judge because I am no better...
They remind me of my brilliant conclusions on my person or on the world based on something totally true but deeply erroneous (is that an oxymoron anyone?).
I really love odd numbers. If they were persons they would be the ones who would always wear colours and specially a green skirt for the ladies and yellow beret for the gents. 
I really really love lists. There is a charm in reading and doing lists. They are far better than just a summary and clearer! 
I want to profit from this little occasion,  to write down an oddly numbered list for thirteen brilliant unlucky facts about me, that are... totally true ... but deeply... insignificant!
I hope that by this I am made aware of the truth, of the sovereignty of God and of His Love.

1- I will never tan!
3- I will never write a book like Dostoevsky's!
5- I will never love ocra... (but I am willing to try yet again)
7- I will never hear Chesterton in a conference (not in our current existence statuses)!
11- I will never walk on the clouds!
13- I will never be born on a Friday thirteen!
15- I will never make a dress for Queen Elizabeth II (Unless something HUGE happens...)
17- I will never communicate with a bug!
19- I will never be related to Saint Francis in non-spiritual bonds (I mean unless I find an Italian gentleman who's willing to marry me and happens to have Saint Francis as his late-late-late uncle...)
21- I will never be able to eat all the macrons in the world... even if I really want to!
23- I will never be a tree that loses it leaves in winter... I will never be a tree at all.
25- I will never speak all the African dielects!
And saddest of all...
27-I will never be an elven queen!