Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine's Day

Warning: redundant topic!
I Can't Help Falling In Love With You... ♪♪♫
Some things are meant to be... ♪♫♪ 
Take my whole life too! ♫♫

I am really happy Valentine's day is coming. I think the Church should do like she does for Christmas and Easter, Advent and Lent... A period to prepare for this lovely celebration! Not that I have any sweetheart, be not fooled! but...
God is Love!
Love the Lord from all you heart! Please my heart do that! Do not let this world take your first love away but give him yourself and your whole life too! Worship Him! Give Him thanks! Sing to Lord! Sing till your words are not yours anymore! Walk with Him, talk to Him... Just LOVE the LORD!
And love your neighbour like yourself! Give generously! Pray! pray for every specific need you know they have! and dare you stand idle! Help, work, change, make them smile, make them happy... 
Embarrass yourself and cross all border in love! 


  1. Sooo beautiful! Personally I don't like Valentine's but looking at it this way it turns to be more interesting :)