Monday, February 2, 2015

An Eating Invitation

There is something very genuine about people who love to invite you to eat. 

I saw this lady only once. 
I said hello because she was (and I take a blind guess that she still is) the mother of my friend (what a polite gesture me!) then we exchanged a small conversation about some beautiful (beautiful!!!) coincidence that happened earlier that day. And that was it.
Some people have this ability to mark my poor memory with a mark that never vanishes. 
I remember her hair and when I cut mine last year I thought about her but I did not have the chance to show it to her (if you recognise that this is your mum, you can feel guilty)... 
I remember the way she occupied the space. It was full of grace! Something in her air was just so enviable. A certain calmness, peacefulness,... 
And since opposite attract (not full of grace and all), I attracted her attention! That moment the whole world production of red pigment was condensed in my face. I shrank and tried to hide (ambitious move for someone with long extremities) but she spot me. 
You must be hungry.
No mam, I am fine.
No no please please! Please take a sandwich!
Please, thank you, gracias (insert all politeness words here.) 
Give her to eat, poor little thing...
Thank you very much! (note, polite again) (Bravo mum and dad for raising such a courteous  human being) and I took the sandwich they offered me.
The lady had a million thing on her mind beside feeding me but somehow her world stopped for a moment and all her attention was sweetly directed to me... I felt honoured! 
This is not a one of a kind story. I am sure it happens daily, many many times, but not everyone does it in the same way. Some people do not invite you to eat really just. And you cannot but know it!! They sort of shower you with their love, and the eating invitation is just an extension of their hearts to yours. They do it with a generosity of spirit and a generosity simply that can lead you to almost exploding if you accept it all (and dare you say no!) but I have nutrition tip you, if I may: I believe if you eat what they offer you will not grow one gram fatter! Only because they lit that fire within you that will burn it all!
I have this on my mind today and wanted to share it... An invitation to invite people to eat... To give generously, simply. 
I shall try to apply that as much as possible! Anyone for tea?

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  1. Oh! What I have been missing!!
    Great one as usual! We still have this spirit of generosity neshker Allah.
    Will come for another tea soon ;)