Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hair Grand Ecart

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun ♪♪... or not really! The sun has been very shy this month and since I am directly affected by her beautiful rays, I have been hibernating. But here I come again (I do deserve a Beatles level kind of song... Hearers, me proposes!)

If you think the year twenty fifteen turned me wiser, or gave me any of the supposedly miraculous effect of changing a number at the end of a Gregorian reference (and since we're at it, I propose as well that you write me a Gregorian level song...), you are wrong, my wisdom teeth are already all out, so tough luck seeing some gown up there...

I always fake being a very professional ballet dancer. I never took any ballet lessons. But what comes around go around I guess (I am sure I am not using it in the right way) and my non-existing ballet Grand Ecat made its appearance in my hair!
I discovered a nice and quick way to fix my hair and I feel very accomplished. Not that my hair was difficult at all but I wanted something more alive than a pony tail and one day trying to do a normal tail I realize that I can keep the side split and tie it from the back! I find hair splits neat and beautiful therefore I adopted this hair style instantly!
So everyday in the mirror I see the side split and contemplate it and think about it...
O My vanity
It Shall One day
Kill  Me...
But honestly and seriously, I think when something comes so much to my mind, it wants to teach me a lesson or remind me about a truth! and so the hair split kept insisting that I understand what it wanted to say until that moment of claity! 
The Red Sea! 
Ummm what? 
The red sea split... 
Oh noes! Where did you get that from?? 
From Exodus!
Yeah I know and I see where you are going...

I know it is a silly connection and I really do not know how my brain does it but there it is! 
I think hair splits wanted to remind me of the Red Sea majestic opening by the mighty hand of the Lord of hosts! When God comes to help his poor desperate people. When God comes to open ways when all seems blocked. When God created something new out of all the old mess we gathered and arrived to...
Therefore I will carry my split like a token of His powerful intervention, of His wonderful openings, of His eternal faithfulness!

Now bald friends, do not be distressed! You are an even greater sign and stronger reminder! "And a highway shall be there, and it shall be called the Way of Holiness" say Isaiah!

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  1. +JMJ+

    I love the insights! We really could be more devotional--and even liturgical--when it comes to our hair! Just this week, I finally did a crown braid well and of course my next thought was, "Should I turn into a 'crown of thorns' for Holy Week or would that be blasphemous?" =P