Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Beautiful People ♥

I remember once I tried to do my own iced coffee drink... I put the milk, ice and coffee in the blender and pressed on and for a reason I still ignore it started to form a foam. I was very happy at first but then the size started to double the triple so fast that I was just struck stupid not knowing what to do... then I saw my beloved mum coming to the kitchen and oh my! I have to fix this! what do I do now! I tried to removed the blender upper part from the electrical part and oh dear! it separated without taking the bottom with it... FLOOD!

Today my brain is like that.

It is a sort of  blender where you throw in cups of watercolours and press on... It feels like you have one thought and then another and then another and they all seem to connect yet not to connect and sometimes it is on speed five and you feel it is all fluffing in and you cannot contain it anymore... Like if you shake a soda drink and then open it? (I would have said champagne but I remembered that I am still an employee!)

BUT! I won't flood here, there is only one thing I really want to say! 

I woke up very very happy. Not unusually so. I love mornings. But I woke up with the remaining of a ruminating idea that God is so good. That people are so beautiful. I was driving work and miraculously all car drivers around me seemed so lovely. 
I started to shout: Hello Mr. Handsome, Hey Pretty lady... Okay maybe I did not go that far but my heart was overwhelmed. 
I started to remember people. Name by name, person by person and with each one of them I felt like a shower of joy was getting all over me... I prayed for each one of them. I prayed for people I knew and I prayed for people I just knew about and I tried to name them all so most probably you got a drop out of my brain-blender today ♥. 
People are so beautiful. I know I am repeating but really they are. And I thought! I need to invent another word, something special for them, something to describe my feeling towards them... And I started to feel a pressure! Am I using the word beautiful too often that it lost its meaning... and I remembered once C.S. Lewis said that we should not use superlative without thinking much because when a superlative comes what will use for it if we abused of it before... Panic attack! This thought revolted me! It is so true but Oh Lewis! Have you met the people I know?! They are always a superlative! What can I do?! Then!! Revelation!! I remembered another of his saying "there are no ordinary people!" Yes! "Next to the Blessed Sacrament itself, your neighbour is the holiest object presented to your senses." Yes!
And I felt so! very much so! and I thought there is no superlative abused when talking about holy! I will not refrain form complimenting people because they truly deserve it! I will not put a limit to how much I will regard them as wonderful because they truly are! And when someone will do something to prove it all wrong I will remind myself that the essence does not change, search and look for the heart!

You are beautiful my reader and I love you ♥


  1. Vicky! i love it! you're one of His most beautiful, yes beautiful creatures! May God shower you with His gifts and blessings! you're such a sweetheart!

  2. 💜 beautiful Vee! Love you too :)

  3. Wonderful! Thank you vee!! Love you too♡♡