Friday, November 28, 2014

Thyme Leaf


In a slow motion, with interruptions, in a fast track, with overflows, his thoughts danced. “Should I go back? Should I stay? Should I move on? Should I sleep? Should I solve it? Should I search? Have I found it? Kyrieleison, Kyrieleison Lord have mercy on me, Lord help me!” Then with a sudden movement he hushed this creature called brain, stood and gazing at nothing in particular he declared! “I know it!” And with excitement Samuel ran to his professor to announce the news!
“I found it! I shall be a thyme leaf Sir!” He announced opening the door of the office a brisk way!
The professor who usually likes his quiet naps quite much was disturbed, but this time not for being awaken form a peaceful siesta but he was pretty sure he heard his student accurately. Wishing he made a mistake he inquired “Sam, son, a what? I asked you what would you be if you had all chances before you… “
“Yes yes, I know” He hastily replied, he was looking for the answer for over three weeks and he felt a storm in his stomach… Samuel had a personal relationship with his body; he felt it all in his organs so lively! He was afraid he would be sent to think again! He was not particularly fond of thinking, especially about existentialist questions!
“And did you answer me a thyme leaf boy?” The voice of the professor was calmer but you could feel the disapproval in his tone. 
“Umm… yeah… A thyme leaf.” Samuel answered hesitating. His professor was kind but he wanted to impress him so much that he could not take a risk to have a wrong answer for a matter of such importance… a matter of life and future!!
The professor knew his pupil was not like all the others but he thought that it’s maybe genius… but now doubts started to creep in… “He might be crazy, he probably is” He thought… “Hilarious Sam… Have a seat, and please explain to my poor wits this choice of yours” He said pointing to a chair facing his wonderful wooden desk.
Samuel moved slowly hoping to find in the few saved seconds some courage. He knew why he wanted to be a thyme leaf but will he be able to put it in a clear and understandable language? Samuel was not a typical person… He could write pages and argue for days about why birds love worms but when asked about personal choices, he’d lose all ability as if he was an alien. 
“I, I, I… I am thirsty Sir please, can I get a cup of water?” his face was red and yellow and green and soon enough rainbow. 
“Hurry up, go on. I know you’re not thirsty, but go on, gather your guts and come back.” This time the professor spoke with gentleness, sensing the tension in his student. “Bring me a cup too with you, would you please” he added trying to normalize the situation.
Samuel started to mumble as he was going to get the cups “Will I be able to explain? What if I fail? He did not specify… My, oh me! Oh me why do you always understand things upside down, why do you always have to put I in a difficult condition.” He sighed.
He thought of changing his answer, but it was too clear for him why he made his choice and so with determination and a sprinkle of courage gulped from the fresh water he entered the office again. 
The office has a soul of its own. It imposed a posture of awe and reverence. You feel such a speck in it. Perhaps it is because of how it is built: red velvet carpets, beautifully carved wooden shelves, porcelain ornaments, a chimney, a sword on the wall… in short a very Victorian like library. But perhaps as well it is because you feel in it the presence of all who were before and how their thoughts roam in the air you breathe. And perhaps for a moment you get the chance to meet them, at least this is what Samuel was hoping, to be able to meet Nostradamus and ask him to predict how these coming hours will pass! 
“Sir, are you there?” Samuel scanned the room and found no one around. “ha! I am safe! I gave my answer, was ready to explain but now he missed his chance, I am out of here!” He thought! 
Just as he was turning to leave he hears the voice of his professor emerging from under the desk. “Come in, come in, I am here just fixing my chair, have a seat please”. 
Samuel sat down, blushing and looking from the corner of his eyes muttering. “Sir, you know I can explain.”
“haha! I have no doubts Sam, proceed” He said in a more of an amused tone than a sarcastic on, but Samuel did not see it that way. 
“Do not laugh at me Sir” uttered the little boy with the strength of mind that he will not let his superior have fun of him because of his choice! Regaining posture he continued. “A thyme leaf sir is very noble. Thyme does not accept to pass without being noticed, you will smell in the woods, you will spot it on the teeth, you will taste in your pizza. Thyme just does not pass unnoticed! But thyme as you might as well know sir, is pretty small and would not really mind being tread upon, thyme does not take offence being treated as less than fancy, as extremely common but then again Sir, no one would call a thyme common… it’s just not … common! Thyme is discreet too Sir, something in its nature is just too peaceful to make any additional noise and no that does not contradict the fact that it does not pass unnoticed… the sun is discreet, prof, but can you just miss it when it’s shining up there?” He paused to see the reaction of his professor who by now was taken by this answer. He did not see it coming. “Wow” He thought… “This boy has more brains than one would imagine.”
“I am impressed Sam dear” He finally concluded “You sure have grasped the essence of this life. Funny how sometimes we get so conditioned that we miss the joy of just being. Thank you my son, thank you, you’ve refreshed my soul… I thought you lost your mind, some sort of illness that comes with intelligence, but you’re not there yet, not yet.” He giggled a bit and stood up and walked towards the window.
“Thank you, Sir” replied Sam grateful that he got this nice praise from his master but more grateful that the interrogation was done and that he can now go back to his little garden! He has wanted to plant this basil since his friend gave it to him two days ago! 


  1. +JMJ+

    LOL! He began with thyme and ended with basil. =D

    I really like fresh basil pesto, but thyme is favourite herb of the two. I use it in a tisane whenever I feel under the weather.