Wednesday, November 19, 2014

He Flourished...

It has been a while since I have shared with you some plant insight (I hope you miss these because I really love them)! 
I discovered something (Christopher Columbus is very much likely to be one of my ancestors...)! I discovered the plant of Jack and the Beanstalk... Okay maybe not... obviously, beanstalk ... But I did discover one very cool plant! It was at the door of a good friend of mine... Sort of a dense bush of green antennas, small stems in all directions on one thicker stem... Sort of the tree you would draw when you try to draw a leafless oak tree but without the brown part, the trunk that is! 
I do not know what they named it but I baptised ours Eugene! Wait... No! I did not steal it! My friend captured my very subtle fascination about it ...(OH MY! I LOVE THAT PLANT!!! sort of reaction) so she cuts one of the thicker stems and tells me to put it in a cup of water for some time and soon it will start to have some roots and then I can plant it and wait (sort of an eternal wait) for it to become a huge blob like hers! So did I! I put the stem in a cute red cup and long story short, the plant started to have roots and now it is all in the ground breeding peacefully! A very simple rooting method and it usually works well... Eugene is a very happy little antenna-tree reaching up constantly! I am happy! 

I visited another friend. I do tend to make a lot if visits... I believe it is an essential part of life and those who love to visit are usually wonderful people (my ego boost for the day!). There was something fascinating about this person and for some reason Eugene came back to my mind...
I do not know how to put it exactly. So please pardon me for the chaos below...
I thought it was the water! It must be it! The water is what sustained the mother of Eugene and water what made Eugene have roots and water is what will leave Eugene flourishing! And Psalm one came to my mind, the tress planted by the stream of water are always green...And I thought about the promise of the Lord that those who drink from Him will never thirst but living waters shall flow out of their hearts! It seemed to fit... It seemed to fit that even if I do not particularly live by a river, even if I am in the desert, the Water of Life is in me... Eugene, cut of the main tree did not die, will not die... And I thought I need to drink more of that cup, come more to that source... I cannot leave Eugene better than me! 
I thought that after all, at the end it is all the same, it is all related, Eugene on my balcony, his mother on her door, me in my office, my friend somewhere else... We are united, here, there, everywhere for we all have that same Sustainer, we drink from the same Well... and I know my friend does it so well!