Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Introducing Something New - Bells

I love short stories! I love long stories! I just simply love stories! 
And I love telling stories!! But since it is hard to gather people around me to tell a story (even though it is a little dream of mine, to be a great orator and all...), I thought of writing them for people but with some participation for it is an essential part of storytelling the input of the audience!! 
It is sort of a little game. I love games too by the way. The person gives me ten random words and I write a story for them containing those words. 
I usually do not  publish them on the blog (obviously) but yesterday I finished one and I was encouraged to share it here and I thought yeah why not!
So I am introducing a new label, my very first label, "Short Story". Here I will post the stories I write and I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them! (Please note that I am not a professional writer and typo is my best literary device...)
I will put the list of words I received in the beginning and you can try to strike them out as you find them in the text (a little bonus game for you). You can participate as well by sending me your own list of words if you wish to have your own story! 

So long story short (I found this idiom funny in this context!), here it is my first entry under this awesome category! Enjoy!


 “Victor!” She ran to open the door and exclaimed as she saw him,” I have an idea! and you’ve got to agree pretty please!!”
“Okay, okay…  I’ll hear it all gladly but first let’s have our tea” he replies taking his coat off then he adds solemnly “You know, I am glad I was not born before tea!”
“You’re right! I am glad too! “She agrees, running to bring the tray she already set.
Pouring a few drops of milk in his cup he declares,” So! What are you so excited about”.
She was a hearty woman. She was always excited about something.  She had in her a spirit that left everyone almost jealous. She had an air of happiness that seemed to be anchored somewhere beyond this palpable reality. She was a mystery and he loved this about her. He loved her.
“Well… Victor… have you ever thought about the meaning of life?” she replies rather peacefully for tea has this effect on her.
They did not miss tea time. It was more than just the drink and the biscuits. It was a time of transformation. A time where all their universes melt together, a time of sharing and those who share with you a meal, share with you their life for in bread and water lay the symbols of life, of the Life.
“Ummm… No, not really… uhhh… Was this you discovery for today?” he replied rather perplexed not because he did not like to engage in philosophical debated with but he didn’t expect this to be her answer after her enthusiastic welcome.
“Yes and no, ” she said swallowing a big gulp “I want to propose something… can I?“
“Sure you can, but I thought, well… never mind… yes, what is it that you want?” he spoke with a gentle voice for he guessed that she was rather hesitant. She often doubted herself and her ideas because people often found her atypical and he did not want to add to this. He wanted her free.
“Victor! I’d be greatly obliged if you would tell me what I have done - always part from feeding the pigs, raising some very decent carrots and walking the donkey …” she mutters quickly
“But I thought you loved it my dear… I thought you wanted the simple farmer’s life… I thought you were happy… Are you having trouble… do you want to get someone to help you during the day?” He said that and went up to hug her…
“I am! I am happy and I am not complaining… I am asking you because I was thinking about the meaning of all this life… and I think I found it…” Then she declares promptly “Bells are an underappreciated instrument.” and stops.
“Oh?” he looks at her now more confused than ever.
“Yeah they are rather charming,” she gets up and shows him to the ceiling “and I think we need to hang one here… a big on victor, like the Church bell…” she states passionately as if some hot blood got in her again.
“You want to hang a church bell in our living room? And what does it have to do with the meaning of this life my dearest” his voice was barely audible for he was trying to contain his tears. He felt guilty for leaving her alone all day to go to work in town. He thought he made things catastrophic by choosing to move this rather primitive place… He   wished they could just be together all day but he has to work!
“Yes, yeah, I want to hang a big beautiful metal bell in our living room…” She holds his hands kisses then and continues “imagine for a second… it’s fascinating… don’t you think so?”
“I am not sure I am following beloved… maybe I am sleepy, maybe I am dizzy but really what is it all about?”
“Victor, oh my lovely Victor! I have hurt haven’t I? Oh how silly of me! I should have explained before I suggested all this…” She mutters in his ears trying to comfort him.
He hugs her tightly and tell her, “I was only sad because I thought this life we chose made you unhappy…”
“No, no, not one second! I am too happy Victor! And today I discovered that not only are all our afflictions momentary. But all of it is totally meaningful. Every millisecond of our pain every millisecond of our misery in the path of obedience is producing a peculiar glory we will get because of that. I have been raising the chicken and milking the cow but all this is worthy of my time and diligent application… I am doing what was required of me. I have obeyed and waited. It will often happen like that. As one of the modern authors has told us, the altar must often be built in one place in order that the fire from heaven might descend somewhere else.”
“Wow… you have pierced my heart…” then he giggles, “heh, you always creep me and I think, Oh the tragedy, only to discover that you have something else hiding there… phew! My heart is becoming weak my love heh…” he was saying that very relieved. Then as if something hit him he exclaims, “But what about the bell?!”
“The bell! Yes! Can’t you see? In bells lay the meaning of life…” she stops to give him time to grasp
“Oh? And how so?” he said with a curious tone for he knows she will astonish him.
“You see how they take every hit, the painful hit, and transform it to a beautiful vibration? You see how they handle there waiting peacefully for their time to be used and sometimes from Christmas to Christmas or from Sunday to Sunday but they wait happily for their call of duty. They do it all in obedience to the ringer, in total trust that he knows what he is doing, in totally belief that he is going to let out of them the most beautiful symphony ever… and their sound will reach to the entire town! Bells are very much what we should be Victor… and I want to hang one here to remember every time I pass by it to be a bell in the hands of my Ringer…” She looks in his eyes and adds “What do you think?”
“And where do we get one?” he replies with a wide grin on his face and an overwhelming feeling of happiness in his heart, for he knew he made the right choice marrying her.


  1. Wow! Wowowowoowow! Loved the analogy, loved the style, loved the idea of turning words into stories and above all I LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Amazing story !!! I loved it so much that i have tears in my eyes!!:) love u !!

  3. +JMJ+

    What a lovely story! It is also a great example of the short story form in its ability to pack a lot of information and complex characterisation into a small package.

    By the way, this reminds me of a game I used to play called Word & Question (or sometimes Crambo). The challenge is to write a poem that uses a given word and answers a given question. What I like about it--and about your own game--is that it makes writing a little like cooking . . . not cooking with a fixed recipe to follow, but cooking with ingredients that determine what the recipe shall be! And that's much more satisfying to me than the freedom to choose all the words at the beginning!

    1. Your game sounds cool! I never tried poetry ones! Maybe I can give it a go =)

    2. +JMJ+

      You can see some poems from a few years ago on my Poetry page.

      It's kind of hard to organise a game these days. Whenever I've floated the idea lately, I've been met with silence. Maybe I'll try it again next year. No pressure to join, of course! ;-)

  4. OMG!!! You astonished me!!
    Waww !! What a story!!! Free styling very creative!
    Thanks for revealing the meaning of life.
    I loved it....