Thursday, March 5, 2015

Little Things

This is a very little note to myself.
I had a submerging feeling of littleness come over me this afternoon... I compared myself. To saints, to martyrs, to even people around me that are so literally amazing and I felt so so tiny and incapable.

This morning I got a very lovely card left on my desk with a wonderful, uplifting message in it (surely a praise I do not deserve and that is not me being humble!) and a small token in it.
I was so happy and I wanted to share the message with my sisters and close friends but since the day was so full I was not able to do it until the afternoon.
One of them had a nice picture (little things ♥) and it struck me really hard! The note was so small but made such an impact on me and came really so timely! But it was just a little note! 
I might be really little but I hope I am a little beautiful note left for others nonetheless!! And so the feeling went and I was left with a little bit of courage and determination to be that lovely little thing for people who meet me ^.^