Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Graceful Appearance

Spring is here!! I have a really hard time choosing my favourite season! I find it quite a genius idea to make them turn! God never gets enough compliments on that me thinks... "Perfectly well time and planned God, I appreciate that!"... I believe it is called praise for God and not compliments but I fancy the idea of giving compliments. I love compliments (and accept them joyfully too)! 
Birds and flowers, blooming trees and orange blossoms... The sun... It is just lovely! 
Today I decided to leave some toast for the birds on my work window.. I often leave crumbles around for my little friends, and they always delight me and accept my small gift but it is the first time that I leave them in that place. I was afraid to put it there because my colleague might get mad at me like she was mad when I left cat food for the cats around and will make me spray them with water every time they appear... But I thought it was worth it... so I did! I waited almost all day, but no visitation. I was sad... and I started to think that they were sad at me because I did not have the courage earlier, which is sort of right but a little unfair. But then I thought that birds are not unfair and they surly understand my position! It must be something else... and a million reason came to my mind that did not convince me until, obviously, the obvious (obvious has b and then v, a pretty combination I think...) one emerged! They still do not know that there is food here but soon they will discover and it will be beautiful! As I realized this, another realization instantly came to my mind! I always think about grace. I know that it was there for me all the time, I know it is there all the time for everyone but I did not know how that works! And the bird feeder whispered, I have been here all day, ready to give all I have for the birdies, they just needed to come and grab all what their mouths could fit... The discovery might take time, but it will come... even if I might aid the birds with a leading little path tomorrow... 
The source of every grace was ever there for me to eat my full, and this feeder, o my soul, this feeder does not empty! And this feeder will feed you till you burst out and become a little feeder yourself... And if you lost the way, if you ever go somewhere and find no feeder, know that it is there and that He will put a little path to lead you there, be open! 

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  1. SPRING!
    You are blossoming too my dear
    With your words with your presence and your peace.
    Amen for our feeder does not empty !!