Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April's Fool

It is the first of April today! 
I have been particularly interested in dates this year because I got a new notebook that has dates on it and I feel so very powerful that I can actually know what day we are! 
It is called as well April's Fool Day! And one cannot miss a day they celebrate him at it! One cannot miss a day they celebrate anything! Especially if we can throw confetti... (I think a prank with confetti would be really amazing!!)
Since I feel it is my feast day today! I have been more foolish than not today and basically every day... Therefore I want to celebrate by throwing some confetti here with a list of questions! 

1- Will you be my bridesmaid? (for the guys: will you marry me?) 
2- What would you name yourself if you had a chance to pick you own name?
3- Do you like inhaling or exhaling more?
4- Do you think the apples seeds we throw, grow somewhere?
5- Why are all my friends so lovely? 
6- Have all the particles of Oxygen in the universe been breathed at least once before?
7- Do you like the  letter i?
8- Are you happy?
9- Do you like your eyelashes? 
10- What makes you giggle?
11- Guess what?

If you are a fellow fool and  you want to answer them, I would be delighted to read your answers. Thank you!


  1. 1) With pleasure
    2) I can find better than Adélaïde :P
    3) Deep exhaling!
    4) when we were kids, Mami used to tell us do not eat the seeds for a chance to have a tree in your stomach.. So according to mami yes all the seeds grow somewhere..
    5) Show me your friends and I will tell who you are :)
    6) do the maths !!!
    7) without it humble life would be easier (we can't express our Pride; I have these, I brought that, I can do it by myself etc)
    8) soo veryy much a lot
    9) خلقة كاملة ونعة زايدة
    10) stupidity
    11) I Love You ;)

  2. +JMJ+

    1) I'd love to be one of your bridesmaids! =D

    2) I just wish that my family had added a "Mary" to my name, to make it more Catholic than it already is. ;-)

    3) I consciously enjoy exhaling more, but having given it more thought, it's inhaling for the win!

    4) I certainly hope that a seed from one of the many apples I've eaten in my life has made it as a tree. (That's quite a lottery, isn't it?)

    5) Well . . . *bats eyelashes and blushes* . . . Just grace, I guess!

    6) There's a 50-50 chance of getting this right, so I'll just take a risk and say . . . YES!

    7) I'm a bigger fan of the uppercase "I"--which feels a little embarrassing to admit!

    8) Happier than I was at this time last year, thanks! =)

    9) LOL! Well, I sometimes wish that they were longer and thicker, but I'm generally satisfied with them.

    10) Last night, I giggled over a prank that some characters play on their friends in Patty Goes to College by Jean Webster.

    11) You're really getting married and I'm really going to be a bridesmaid?!?!?! =D

  3. Wonderful replies Ado and Enbrethiliel I was indeed delighted to read your answers!! AND I am honoured!!
    Thank you for stopping by =D

    1. 1) Of course; I'd be delighted! :D
      2) Same name; can't imagine being called any other name.
      3) Both are enjoyable to me & needed at their right times. Did you know that humans naturally spend double the time exhaling than inhaling?!
      4) Yes, some might have; probably not all as growth is a process that requires multiple factors...
      5) Because you choose to view and perceive them as lovely, & that's a lovely spirit you've got!
      6) Nope I don't think so since many are regularly being produced or are bonding to other particles and forming chemical compounds that may not be breathed...but even if not breathed, I'm sure each is vital for someone or something in creation!
      7) Yes, I like it since without it, many words cannot be spelled and many statements cannot be told...examples: "I love you", "I would die for you", "crucifixion", "resurrection", "life", "spirit", "Itinerante"....
      8) Yes, often more joyful than happy, but happy nonetheless
      9) I love them!
      10) Some of your blog posts, some mishaps, remembering funny incidents in the wrong times...
      11) Spring is amazing!?! & Why 11 questions? & Guess who I am!