Friday, April 17, 2015


On Wednesday I use a new nail polish, GOLD. Now every time I look at my fingers I smile! Gold is really a very pretty colour, it makes me very happy! I started thinking about fingers and trying to pick my favourite one (I think it is the fourth finger from the right hand) and I was thinking about how beautiful the hand is and how God is really a wonderful creator... And from one thought to the other, I realized that fingers are really amazing! They are so sophisticated! They mark our ability! Our talent as a race to manipulate things finely... And it is beautiful! All the wonderful calligraphy art, the handmade creations, the detailed sewing, it is truly breathtaking! But I could not help myself from thinking that truly some of these fingers have a better value, or worse (the middle finger! oops!) and the pinky made it to the category of useless finger pretty easily: "ciao guys, I'm off to do nothing, see you later!" I know the pinky is of such a use for a flute player, but how many of us are? okay maybe more than I imagined but how many use it to play the harp? really not many! The use of this finger is not widespread! That little addition for the might-need-me situations! and this made me really peaceful! I thought about my existence and how really I am not an index at all, all useful and crucial, and I hope I am not a middle finger!... I am most probably a pinky! God cared to make me because he makes things nice and beautiful and as of my use, I am sure He is playing some harp somewhere with me as much as that is rare, it is still something!! And I hope I learn to be an easy to manipulate finger, moving at the will of Lord! 

Ps. Drinking tea like an elegant lady (not) with my pinky up in the air! *ting ting ting* (the sound of my waving finger)
Pps. This post has the right to be in pink... after all!


  1. Pianist isn't one without his pinky finger!!!
    You are more valuable than you think you are !! Queen V!

  2. Great one V
    I want to second Adélaïde

  3. Enjoyed every word! #pinkypromise :$