Thursday, May 9, 2013

You Want that Look

Every year I plant a type of bulb flowers. 
I plant because it teach my soul. I am too slow for this world that sometimes I feel overwhelmed but seeing the slow pace flowers live by encourages me to keep my steps steady.
This year it was tulip time! (Many fancy this flower)
I watch the process from sprouting to decay with great admiration and awe before the Beautiful Breath that keeps us all, plants and being, alive...
The tulips bloomed and it was spectacular, my colleagues, my family, my friends, all who saw them smiled (call it the flower-effect!) but day after day it was loosing it's glow and bending it's neck and day after day a petal would fall till my beloved tulip had no more clothe on... Naked it was facing the wind and sun. And then it it got straight again! When it lost all its petals, it stood tall again! It was so pretty, all green, bare, simple but so new, so fresh... indeed so pretty! It looked nothing like a tulip but I knew it was... I knew its essence, I planted that bulb !
All this...from looking like a tulip to looking like a weed, from bending to rising again made me wonder and today it made sense! 
Remove this image you have in your head about yourself ! It will decompose, it will burden, you will fall... Come naked before me, I know your essence, it is I who created you... I know you... It is my look upon you that matters and it is that look you crave for... It is My glory that you want! It is My light you want to bear... Glorious glowing dresses you wear will mean nothing before what I will clothe you with... You success in making around you smile will mean nothing before the joy you will bear and share when you look for that Look... the Look of your Lord!

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