Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gay... There is Hope

I keep hearing the word "GAY". The more it is repeated, the more hopeful it becomes to me. No not that I am oblivious to the different meaning of that word or trying to make it less of a serious danger or any sort of fantastical thinking... I am finding it comforting to hear it that much used out of it context because somehow it is makes it a wonder, how such a definite word can be so given so strongly another meaning. Deep down when someone will use this word out of the literal old context or definition, they will hear the original meaning, the gay that means happy and it will make them think... Am I... Am I truly gay... Where is this happiness... and sooner or later I believe this quest will end where it should end, whether here now or up there, it will end at the source of all joy... In hope that choosing to that word will lead provoking thoughts inside their being that takes them back to the proper definition, that nothing will give us gaiety unless we are found and found in Him... For every seeking soul will find (will be found)... He promised!

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