Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hard Skinned Turtles

I never knew that the carapace of the turtle was alive until an unfortunate event happened. We love to colour in my family and my sister thought that it would be beautiful if we paint our little turtle's Tut in acrylic paint. So we painted each square a colour with a shiny varnish at the end with pretty little shiny stars in it. It was wonderful, but a couple of days later we noticed that Tut was not eating... We thought she was sad so we talked  to her more and we sang her happy songs... we even got her very yummy looking lettuce... but no hope! Later we took her to the doctor and he informs us that Tut was dead and explains that the wood-like carapace actually is not a dead block but a very much alive one like our skin and the paint blocked her pores...
I have been wondering how many times I considered some people like Tut's carapace dead and hard skinned and I gave up on them... And how many time His mercies softened my dead stoned heart... And I hope I learn to do the same...
Rest in Peace Tut and thank you for the lesson!

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