Friday, May 17, 2013

You must be jealous!

Where are you David, come, come and see to yourself the beauty of the One you sang for in Spirit in the time of old... Come and taste now what you had only a foretaste of before... I know His name... I have seen Him and touched Him and I know! I know Him... Christ is among us! Jesus Christ... Beautiful beyond description... Beau.ti.ful! Jesus... What a name! And to the holy of holies He took me... To a presence that fills the senses to drunk-likeness... And in the Spirit a new song I sing ceaselessly... My heart leaps for joy! and guess what David? guess what? It is endless! To the overflow of the overflow of the overflow... Water without end... Of His fullness I live... A grace upon grace upon grace... 
You might call me mad but you must be jealous! You must!
ps. I know that you read my blog David son of Jesse!

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