Friday, May 16, 2014

You are the Vowels of the Words...

Words are on my mind. Actually more specifically letters are on my mind today.I have a fascination for phonetics and the sounds of letters, the way they come out, the way we hear the differences... The way they are pronounced. Everything really. 
Lately I have been paying more attention to the way I say things because someone pointed out that I have a "cute" way to give out the sound "sh"  /ʃ/ and similar sounds. I do not like to sound cute, I am a very serious human being, serious people do not sound cute. So! I am determined to exterminate every reason he has to think that and in the process I have been paying more attention to what makes a sound come out and I discovered that it is actually the vowels! (Is it still called a discovery if someone else, let alone everyone else, noticed it before us but did not inform us? in all cases I am a discovered so there you go!)
One of my lovely friend came out of the blue yesterday and asked me to try to find a word that has more than three Os in it. It was hard but we did find. I won't give it out though. (I'd like to know if anyone found some, because I have a theory and I want to see if it sticks).  
You know there are a lot of obvious things in this life that sometimes pop up and you go like wow! This is so with vowel and me. I thought wow! They are just so little in number but make all the sounds come out. Even the beyond-awesome letter V would not be heard or able to pronounced if not for the little /i/ sound after it!! And I thought that is something really humbling for the greatest letter in the alphabet but at the same time it drew my attention more to the character of this minority of letters: the vowels. They did not go day in and out stating how little of a group they are and how they are threatened to vanish. They did not go about and preach their inefficiency and tiredness and claim protection. These letters are heroic. They went in the middle of the other group and decided to bring out flavour, to bring Sound in the midst of unbearable pronunciation. They decided to bear witness to their call not in shouts and nags, but in doing their role faithfully in bearing witness to Sound calmly (oxymoron, or I hope so because it's my favourite figure of speech maybe). Vowel are gentle and humble. We never see them trying to act that they are the sound themselves, they actually don't, they serve others with a great heart.
And we Christians are a minority in a world that is all soundless, all consternate. We know that nothing will ever make sense or be able to be pronounced without Christ. Not even the lovely and great letter Love. And we are called to act like vowels. To have the humility but the persistence of a vowel. To have the gentleness but the efficiency of a vowel. To have the courage and the bravery to venture in every world, word and to give it sense, sound. We have nothing to fear. We are the vowels of the words. Or I pray we are!

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  1. Voodoo is the first word that pops to mind when thinking of words that have more than 3 Os in them :D