Friday, May 9, 2014

Hello May

May in flower

May it flower
A bit of flour
A sparkle
And a cake

A midnight dance
A summer trance
A cup of beer
And Shakespeare

And the month of May came again! Sometimes I think we take months coming and going for granted and that is a bit sad. If I am coming and going regularly at work, I would still like a small welcome every day, at least a little hello. But really we get so used to constant things that we forget that they are a bestowed blessing, a privilege, an out of the ordinary yet ordinary event. 

The month of May in particular, stirs something in my heart. It's such a beautiful name for a month! Far from it being my favourite one, since nothing in the whole cycle of months can compare to September (the beautiful month of my birthday and on the 25th of it of this fantastic year, I turned 25!) it is yet one of the most hopeful and generous months. I think those who named it knew exactly what they were doing! It's the month of joy, the month of bloom, the month of possibilities. The month of sight, the month of life. It's generous. It gives back what we planted all year long. It's generous in its fruits and flowers and rich smells. It keeps nothing to itself, it just spreads and share and gives. May never withheld a ray of sun. May never forgot a drop of rain to refresh our souls. May comes calmly and yet so vividly!

May. The name is hope. May with many wishes, desires. May His will be done. May His kingdom come. May it be done. May your heart's desires be granted. May blessings overwhelm you. May His Spirit lead you. May we walk blamelessly. May His face shine upon us and may we shine His face! May the sun warm our hearts. May the Son warm our hearts. May we go forth in joy! And even maybe! 

I decided this year that May shall not pass without changing my heart. I decided that I will not ignore a generous thought, I will not let a idea of a gift to someone to be kept on hold or just contemplate it in my brain. May is active and shares. I will share. May gifts, I will gift!
I will be hopeful. I will go against the flow of despair that comes from this world. I will spread and share the message of Christ, the message of hope! I will declare his freedom and His name against every bound that wants to ensnare me and every thought that wants to enslave me! 
And I thought to extend this to my beloved ones, dear friends and family. I made a list of "May..." for each one as the spirit inspires and I am praying one each day for every one of them! And I know that my Lord listens! So! if you felt extremely blessed this couple of weeks... You now know why! If not, then open your eyes! 


  1. May became exceptional and inspiring!:) thank u!:)

  2. May your posts be read by the whole universe !!!! ( Knowing that they are AMAZING )

  3. May I pin your posts???