Monday, May 19, 2014

Nothing but a Breath

Today I did nothing of importance beside breathing and so breathing is on my mind. It is so beautiful to breathe (I think the word beautiful is beautiful by the way). It gives a sweet comfort to think about it, breathing that is. The subtle way the chest rises and falls, the pretty way the stomach follows. The gentleness with which the air enters in our noses, the calmness it makes it way out (normally, now if you are sighing or trying to blow something, that is a different story...). It really is magical to breathe. We breath all the time, one of the first things we started to do actually and maybe the most constant frequent thing we ever did. It is effortless, unless you think you are a fish (I am not a fish) and you try breathe underwater... then, it might be a little bit painful! But in all cases it is essential. So very essential that by the breath of God the whole universe came to be. By His breath we came to be. He breathed us into being, that first breath we took was His sovereignty breathed into our lungs, it was His gracious gift of Life for us...
... And He, He is the very breath of God. And He, He is the very Air that gives life. He is the Spirit by whom all things were formed! Him, the Spirit of the Lord. The Holy Spirit! The gentle breath of God, the life-giver, the reviver, the holy beyond holy presence... The comforter... The gift-giver... The Spirit of God Himself!
... And before this I stand and feel my nothingness... And I feel the reality of being nothing but a breath... It makes me feel my utterly unimportant importance. I consider myself such a nothing that I suddenly (I realize so many things suddenly...)  realize that... If I am to be but a breath... I'd better let Him breath in and out of me every second. I'd better let my nothing be used as a vessel for the Holy Air rather than any air... If I am but a breath, I'd better be His Breath. And that gives me comfort. It gives me comfort to be a nothing and all the pressure of this world to rise into something crumbles before this magnificent beauty of being nothing, nothing but a Breath and Him being the air that fills these lungs!
I am a happy nothing... 

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