Monday, May 12, 2014

Pee-kaboo (Awkward Granted)

Warning: If Sigmund Freud reads this, he might be interested in seeing me. This should inform you enough about the state of my brain.

Many would argue about what gives us pleasure in this beautiful world, but there is one particular feeling that I think every human being will agree on loving.
Peeing after a long halt.
I love, as in true true love, to go to the bathroom and pee after holding it enough time before I find a clean toilet or after decided it is more urgent to let it go than to be lazy. The feeling before and after, the process, the result... all this is just so beautiful and let me explain! There is this amount of water (with other material I believe) that is held captive in your bladder and you just can't let go of it and sooner than you think the empty space down there gets filled -you are like a P(ee-oo) machine- till you get to a point of almost explosion and you feel that there is an army there ready to attack and over-throne you (embarrass you in today's language)! Me of course, being the queen of the whole universe, cannot permit such thing to happen and thus start an ardent diligent search for a canalization till Mr. T offers a deal! Let me take care of these in my eternal black hole and in return you will have to regularly let me feast upon this rebellious yellow substance!  I shake hands with Mr. T! (Don't worry, I will wash them later, but one ought to take such deals seriously! First drop and heaven on earth! It feels like you have had this desire for a long time that you cannot name and then suddenly you feel it in your heart and you are satisfied. For a moment you think you are at the top of it all. Majestic. Sublime. You let go a sigh of relief and you just want to stay silent, in respect of what happened for a little while. And then the rest of it get out and you are just happy! Life can go on with peace on earth and room in your stomach for clean, new, yummy water and juices! I probably should stop here before not only Freud gets worried.
This phenomenon, peeing that is, had my appreciation for quite a long time, as long as I can remember. But on Friday, I was out with friends and this epiphany happened in my mind! I think our spiritual body needs to pee too! There is this huge amount of fluids we take from all sorts of sources and when we come at the Fountain of Life we find ourselves full and there is no room for it to cleanse us inside out. And He invites us to empty this soul of ours and make room but sometimes we just enjoy compiling and filling and just holding back. We feel in control over our kingdom. Until we feel the rebellion rising, this world pressing and bothering. Today, and everyday, the Living Water is inviting me, to come and make a deal out of my nasty yellow substance: Empty it at my feet and let me fill you with new, clean, limpid water. Give me space in your guts, make room in your inside for me to reside. Come with all that you have, I will take whatever and I will give you the best. There is this sweet comfort that awaits for you as you let sin and worry out and let Me in. Stop carrying what you are not meant to carry. Stop going around with a baggage that is not yours and have this burden upon you. Come to me and get rest, get true pleasure, get Life and fullness of it!!

ps. I need to go pee now!! And yes this post is yellow in honour of... PEE-KABOO!