Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Life as a Music Box

Anastasia, the animated movie was on my mind this week. The story is so touching and the songs are really so so well done, specially the tune that the music box plays. I liked it this much probably because of my small obsession in music boxes.They are simply fascinating. I do not think there is a living human that would disagree. 

As a kid I would play with them endlessly or rather till the end, that is till I break them or ruin them! Then I would see the inside! Wow. A cylinder all chaotically doted and  this this thing that looks like a tiny hairbrush. It makes no sense. I tried to brush with it the cylinder but it did not produce the same thing. The phenomenon was mystifying. It went beyond my childish brain. There is so much beauty contained in such a small thing. The beautiful art in the box itself and the music it makes are breathtaking but once you open it, it just makes no sense. Only a doted iron tube and a hairbrush! 
This morning I was sitting drinking coffee with a wonderfully beautiful lady and we were talking about books and then we started recollecting memories. And for one moment everything seemed to have stopped in my mind! In a long story short version, I was looking for a book to give it to her through a common friend before I have actually met her ever!! And music boxes came back to my mind!! Suddenly it clicked! I thought, My! How things seem to be random but how in fact they are so perfectly arranged and now they might go in a perfect 360 degree before they make any sense! These dots, these event that appear to be scatted so chaotically in my life, have been in reality so meticulously placed by the Master of all event. And how when we force our brush of understanding over this life of ours it just does not make any meaningful noise but when we give the Conductor the brush, the stick of our orchestra, it makes all the difference and the noise turns the music! Many thing happen that just surpass me, but today I learned to let them be and in due time, in due season, I will hear them played magically and that day my heart will know the meaning but till them let them rest in peace and assurance that there is one Hand turning everything in the right direction. 

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