Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Balloon Inscription

On the 25th of September of this fantastic year, I turned 25! I have annoyed almost every human being that had the mischance to meet me since about this wonderful fortune that the calendar bestowed upon me. 
I got many beautiful things and people were really super great with me during the whole week! I thought, wow, I am going to fake a new birthday with every new person I meet and cover the whole year so I can get to feel Queen of the Universe every single day. (Don't worry, it was just a moment of narcissism that vanished the second I thought what pride did to the Angel of Light! No thank you! I don't want that fate!) 
One of the cool things I got this year were balloons. My little beautiful sister got them, with wonderful flowers as beautiful as her... and that is A LOT! They were two balloons, one yellow and one purple with the inscription Happy Birthday repeated all over with confetti design. I love confetti, it makes me happy. 
Balloons are a touching gift if someone inflate them for you with their very breath, but it if it is a random tool inflating them they are not as dramatic but! they remain beautiful and one cannot throw away a beautiful thing so I left those two cool balloons, (with the confetti design!!) hanging on the handle of my closet at work. Day after day the air vanished from the inside to join the big world outside! And day after day the inscription and the confetti design! got smaller and smaller. (By the way, the cleaning lady asked me why am I still keeping these and I tried to explain about my obsession with my 25 becoming 25 and about the opportunity to get a fake happy birthday wish from someone new who would think they are actually only a few days old but it was in vain because of a language barrier. But she smiled and everyday she sees them she smiles again, so that is my new reason to keep them! To make her smile (or secretly laugh at me)). 
The inscription getting smaller (or bigger for that matter) made me wonder. I thought, it was initially made this small and when the air got in the rubber, it dilated. It is an amazing phenomenon. I remember trying this many times, getting balloons and writing on them with a pen and see how the drawing would get as it gets bigger. It is sort of magical, from this o to this O. A small speck can become a big dot and something almost invisible can suddenly show up! Is it not so brilliant?! And I thought wow! I thought how many times we do things that seem so little a speck but actually when the right time comes, the air will get it in and the impact of that very small action will be made! I thought of the small tasks of the every day and I thought oh! these are like the small inscriptions... The little time we give for friends, the time we give to listen, the time we give to be punctual... every single small deed of all kind and colour, even the sort of invisible sacrifices we make... are like these small tiny balloon inscription! And it gave me courage! Courage to continue to do what seems now tiny and silly because one day those tiny spots, might be part of a great confetti! balloon design! I mean confetti! yey!

Ps. I still accept birthday wishes... AND gifts!


  1. Please keep on posting! Because your tiny post do amazing work in my mind!