Friday, April 4, 2014

The Courage of the Snake

I have always wanted to honour snakes.
I think they are one of the most mysterious and amazing creatures. They somehow portray so much charm. They mesmerise, they fascinate.
I do understand why some find them scary or disgusting, but I think this is sad and a biased opinion, something of a misjudgement. I mean they can be dangerous but so is the lion... Why him it's fine and the serpent no? We should give them a chance to amaze us. And trust me they do! They have the very essence of amazing in them! I can go on for ever on how lovely and beautiful they are but I won't creep you out (though I have a feeling you already consider me a bit out of mind, level very freaky).
But there is just one thing on my heart that I want to honour the snake for! The courage! The courage to assume the role of the devil and the tempter in the story of Genesis. The courage to sacrifice and bear the consequences for millenniums to come. One creature had the guts to step out and say, "ME" to the call of duty, the call to be a symbol and to teach (and help understand) generations (and I mean GENERATIONS) to come! One creature was present as a benevolent martyr of his very own image and reputation... One creature with the courage to be ready, with the courage of a hero, not looking at what people will think of them but be this tool at any cost in the hand of the Great Storyteller... And if you wonder, I am sure it hurts. It hurts as much as crawling on the roughness of this earth... And yet they do it and yet they persevere...


  1. So many people shut up tight inside themselves like boxes , yet they would open up ,unfolding quite wonderfully if only you were interested in them - Sylvia Plath .