Thursday, April 10, 2014

My (stolen) Kaleidoscope!

A while ago a beautiful person gave a small toy kaleidoscope. Fascinating. I used to have it with me all the time and whenever I met a little girl or boy (specially if they seem to be bored in a world of grown ups) I'd offer them a look through it... Magic! They are just struck by what they see and they become so excited!! Not that it affects me differently! It just amazes me! (probably same mental age!) 

Everything in it  seem to twirl and blend and just becomes something else. Something of a mysterious beauty. Reality (or what I think reality is) changes. Suddenly. Shapes do not make sense any more.  As if something has been hidden in this stillness and needed this little tool to emerge, to dance! A very sophisticated choreography! An explosion of colours! Beautiful. And it transports me into another dimension. And for a while, I am in this cloud, as if walking slightly off the ground...
It made me wonder. Where was all this without that kaleidoscope? The substance did not change... My vision changed... The way I see it did... I got this tool and I used it!
Human beings too sometimes may seem static. Until we grab a kaleidoscope and look through it... A kaleidoscope called love. Use with caution though! You might experience something really beyond your imagination... People starting to bloom and open up in ways you never expected... You will see  beauty you never saw before that your might just stop breathing! And the more you manipulate this tool, the more you put your eyes through it, the more magical it becomes till you really get a feeling as if heaven descended... And it did... For there, all is Love since all is God and... God is Love!!

ps. One little dude at church never gave it back. Sad because I was never able to find another one. But I hope it will make him think and discover things!!


  1. You found Love and this is the most important thing :) .

  2. I don't usually comment admittedly, but I do love reading your posts. Just wanted to say that. :-)