Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Delicacy...(A Ramble)

It is spring! It is life! It is as if everything is smiling! It is calm! It is just so lovely! April's showers are so sweet, so gentle! The sun is splendid! I feel as if I am a paper and the rays just write on me tenderly words of comfort and beauty (in (big) hopes that I might become a little bit less pale!! please!). And in the afternoons I become dreamy! I was sitting today and I remembered the smell of orange blossom, of hyacinths, of all the nice scents ever offered by flowers... And I remembered nice dresses (the kind that twirls!), and pastel colours, and fruits, and sweet music, and beautiful people and wonderful friends and I just want to stay there... but then I remembered as well that I have a huge task I need to finish that is sort of making my heart sweat! (I do not think I was made for it, but for the sake of the trust that was put in me, I will try my very very best, from all my will and heart and power! (I actually called the Holy Spirit for aid... dramatic call! But at least I can count on Him!!) anyway!) 
And I was hungry! For something salty! (Even though I ate a delicious cheese croissant that a pretty lady got me today with a whole wonderful breakfast package, delivered with so much care and love... but I think sometimes my body thinks he's a dragon... I love dragons so that is okay from time to time!) 
And then salt came to my mind... The cliché verse... You are the salt of the earth! (OH! maybe I should lick my arm... okay no! That was not too neat... And did I do it or not that is the question!!) And I though wow! I do want something salty but not too much... I would not be able to take in something that has been salted more than the normal amount of salt... And I think that is one delicate issue! How much salt do I use! I sure do not want to spoil the dish! 
Being called to be salt of the earth is pretty clear that we are to be effective, efficient, seasoning, changing for the better, the best... But I think we are as well called to be delicate. Somehow subtle. To know when it is too much, when to stop pouring out on others. We are called to know when to stop before spoiling the dish, the day, the task and just remember, we are salt, we are not the cook and let Him take care of how much we give and take... 
And I am sitting here thinking of how much I am the opposite of delicate and how much work I need... Way too far from being subtle or pastel... way too far... but at least now I am aware and will take my own advice and let Him take care! (meanwhile I hope I don't spoil too many plates! And If I ever was too much on you, please forgive me! =) and I know there are a (not so) few damages..). end of ramble.


  1. The thought of Spring reminded me of the deer that pants for streams of water... The source of delicacy & fountain of life.

    1. Amen!
      ps. now I have this psalm stuck in my mind (which made my morning so lovely!)

  2. Wow!! Inspiring! (As usual ;))