Monday, April 14, 2014

French Pressed!

Because French is one strong accent I have in my English pronunciation (sadly enough!! I could never bring myself to say the word cling without making a fool out of myself... let alone any "i")... Because every invention stands in the shadow of the printing press... And mostly... Because coffee is a small (big) love of mine... I decided to write about a silly (I should be aware by now that all my thoughts are silly) thought I got on coffee and French press.

1- Get "French press" ground coffee (and a French press carafe, for that matter)
2- Boil water
3- Add ground coffee to the French press carafe 
4- Add water and stir
5- WAIT for four (or more, to taste, the longer the stronger) minutes and then PUSH the plunger down
6- Pour and DRINK =)

I love to wait (in the specific sense of quiet waiting) . I have always appreciated the time we have to wait. Deep satisfaction comes to me while I sit in a waiting room. It does me something  that very few other situations in life do. I feel thoughts are freer then, things are different, slower in a perfect sense... And I am convinced that many, many have mediated, thought of and discovered the beauty of waiting. 
The loveliness of the French press is that the brew is just so authentic! The time coffee sits in the water waiting gives it a chance to flourish and gives it an aroma that just transports anyone to a wonderful world (granted that they like coffee and thinking). But I think the secret of the French press is not only in the waiting, but in the press, the push (captain obvious). Push it real hard to get all the ground coffee to the bottom so the drink is pure and smooth. It is may be the most fulfilling pressing you can ever do. But when it comes to pressing after waiting in life... we do not really expect it and we do not probably want it. I have waited so long, so patiently... for what? to be pressed? Well yeah... I think our life has this secret too. It needs to be pressed... And it will get out purer, lovelier, fresher... Sin and all the unwanted ground coffee will be left in the bottom...

And while I was writing, the verse from 2 Corinthians 4:8 came to my mind... We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed.
Yes I will wait, and yes I will feel that I am finally getting somewhere, just to feel the press, the push (ouch!). But I will not be crushed. For I know for whom I am waiting... Waiting upon the Lord... And I know the hand that will/is sustain/ing me! His right hand upholds me!

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