Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Loquats! Look Out!

Yesterday I was eating some very very delicious loquats, the orange small fruit that has about two  big brown seeds inside. Very sweet and fresh, very springy fruit! (nope! I was not smart enough to know the name by myself...thank you nice mate for providing the name.) So I was eating these yummy ones (image) over the bin (because using a bib (thanks mate 2 for that word) in public at that age is a little bit disgraceful) and the seeds were making a very funny noise as they fall in the bin and they got me very interested in their nature and look and feel and all of their being... They are so slimy and slippery ,very hard as well, perfect touch, sweet size, just so cool...they sort of make anyone chuckle just by seeing them. And because my mind associates the obvious, I started thinking about all seeds. I was thinking how funny it is that the huge watermelon has these tiny tiny seeds and the avocado that is way less than quarter its size has this big huge one in the middle... and then all sort of ideas about all sorts of seeds started to flow in to the point that my mind was so blank, just imagining all these seeds dancing around and I started wondering about them. I mean it is just very curious all these shapes and sizes and colours and material! I felt so little, so surpassed. Every single one has a potential to bear life. wow. A realization that was really beyond me. God trusted us with life in our hands at every single meal! And then thinking that we were somehow seeds too, planted in the womb of our mothers, we were in the hand of the Creator who chose that we, the very seed of our being, should come to life... That is among millions of other seeds that could have been in mum and dad, he picked these very ones... And this was just too beautiful, too eye opening, too breathtakingly shocking to me... 

Thinking about these loquats and about this very seed that shouted to me "hey look out!" and made me start thinking, brining life to my idle brain... I thought about all these chances I have to bring unexpected life around me, all these times by just being, we bloom, all these times when we just let God pick... It's all so random and chaotic but it just did not leave me in peace until I put it out, so there we go... a piece of nonsense hoping to be a seed for something sweeter!

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