Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Meet Olga

And after a long while... the snail arrived!! and so did my post!
I do not know if you have any idea about my snail obsession? I love them beyond reason!!

And the Creator of all things graced me with a visit from Olga! A snail that visited me in the salad the other day...(ummm that was not so good in the salad I mean but hey! a snail!) transparent and beautiful she was! I am not sure if you are able to see her on my hand in the picture!
Snails are carriers of hope! They are so slow and yet they still dare to get out of that shell and move and move to what? to dirt... and they just seem to carry with that shell the burden of  the world upon their shoulders and yet not a sound! I do not know but there is something miraculous with this creature... Olga brought so much joy to my heart! and a few lessons... to be meek and fragile, ready to go in the hands of the One who is more powerful... To be transparent, to be simple, to walk even if every step seems to bring more dirt and to aim higher with my eyes always in the right direction even if they are poked!!

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