Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's all about the Hat!

You know the saying cherry on top... I think if humans were a cake... the hat is that cherry. Not only because it's (well obviously) on top but because it's just one sweet beautiful addition to one fearfully and wonderfully made cake!
Hats... They do so many things! A hat to cover a bad hair day, a hat to protect from the sun or rain, a hat to beautify, a hat to just be there (as in hey! I'm wearing a hat right up here!)... Sometimes a hat really makes all the difference, you have the perfect everything but this one spice missing and there! the hat fixes it! 
I remember my very sweet friend once got me a hat for my birthday and the week after I wore it to church and I got so many smiles that day! Even at the end of the service, a lady came to me and told me that she thought I had an air of elegance (thank you hat for getting me a compliment I could never get otherwise!)  
And I think we are called to be that cherry on the top of another cake... A hat for a friend... To cover, to protect, to beautify, to defend, to just be there... To add an air of elegance to their day... to be that small spice that makes all the difference for them....
I know I have been blessed with a handful of wonderful beautiful hats that I would really not exchange for anything in the world and I pray God gives me the grace to be to them that hat, that cherry that they are to me and a bit more! 

Ps. Interestingly enough adding a hat to words make a huge difference too... Amazing grace... amazing grâce... 
Pps. Notice I did not say that I love hats? (But I do!)


  1. :-) Awesome post!

    BTW, just in case you're interested, here's an essay by G.K. Chesterton on hats! :-)

    The Morality of the Hat (March 2, 1901, The Speaker)

  2. Grace!! Right back at you! ♥♡♥

    Mike! Thanks a million!!! I was actually trying to find out earlier if Chesterton ever wrote on the subject of hats or was mysteriously silent about it (excuse the pun ^.^)