Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vanity of Vanities... Earrings

Vanity of vanities! And I admit being so vain...
I love earrings so much!! (I have just realized how many things I just love so much... My downfall is nearer than I think!!)
For some reason (okay honest reformulation, for coffee reason) I was awake during the beautiful hours of the night and my mind was just wandering in the vast universe of thoughts... and with the super many options available to think about, solving minor daily problems to thinking about world changing solutions... All I was thinking about was earrings! Not that I wanted more or needed one or anything of the sort... I was just thinking about their being, (if that is a word we can use) about their existence. I had a beautiful silver pair that my dog helped widowing and I was sort of sad that it was left unmatched... I did not throw it for there seemed to be more life to it... it was not of any vibrant colour or of a particularly subliminal shape... Normal. Simple. And perhaps that is why it seduce me so much (anyway)... I left it in the box, on a shelf... And I prayed for her twin to show up somehow... but for weeks it was just there alone in the darkness of the box! Until the day I decided to liberate her from the bonds of a pair. I decided to wear it with another sister earring!  And as if that decision was a spell! last Saturday I found her little nice old pair stuck in between the bed and the mattress! 
A beautiful story of redemption! This was my thought last night... Bound we are with so many pairs, left in the darkness of a box, resentful maybe, grief-filled perhaps...  Or maybe just lamenting a past, a situation, a pair, a you name it... Chained with a standard, chained with an image, with an ideal that we may have never been born to live... And we sit on a shelf waiting for a miracle... and there He stands, come with me, come to the fullness of being with me, come to life... and we can choose to wait for that pair or dare to go take His hand and be worn on His heart and then see miracles unfolding before us like we never dreamed they would! And there we will be found!

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