Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I was sitting there on a bench people watching, my mind jumping from one idea to the another, trying to escape falling in the same trap I am making myself fall into lately and as I was looking around I see a guy and a girl guiding through the street their friend... Blindfolded... She was walking in such a confidence that I was amazed by her trust to her friends, walking in such a joyful way that makes one want to join them! Big  smiles, shining face, pure and simple joy... 
I was talking to God a moment ago... I want to see... I want to understand... where am I going... what ifs of all sorts... And a blindfolded girl and her two friends gave me a lesson! Oh a life blindfolded trusting in my Guide, my Friend (He indeed called me friend) walking in such a pure and simple joy... looking forward to that destination that I will see at the end of that journey or... or walk in that doubt, demanding to see and uncover my eyes... ruin the moment and the surprise!

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  1. this is one of the most beautiful reflections. Amen, Lord, help us embrace our blindness.