Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh! What was it?!

I forgot what i wanted to say here.
So i will talk about forgetting and remembering!

It happen a lot to me to try to remember something that i am so sure I know but I forget at the moment. It is funny because I can't stop myself thinking about it till I find the answer!
I love when it happens. It is an amazing thing. At first i get frustrated but then I really begin to enjoy the quest! I love when I conquer my memory.
I love when i forget something, and I love when i remember it so very much.

Shadows! They remind me of all this They are such a cool thing. You can't exactly know what it is but at the same time you quite know what it is... And you set yourself to know that thing in the light, face to face.
There is something in humans, trace and shadows of their true nature, that's why they always seem look for something, or someone... And when they find it, or Him, their lives gets its shape. They remember their source.

God does not forget His people.
God remembers their sins no more.

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  1. I was going to post a witty and insightful comment....

    But I forgot!