Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Watcher!

Today I saw a cat almost catching a bird! The bird, a very tiny one, barely escaped. It was thrilling! I had to shout in the office, thought the cat did not hear me but unwillingly I had to shout.
Cats are pretty creatures, but sometimes dangerous, this bird needs to know when to be around  it and when to flee it!
Oh and that cat did not see me, the bird neither! But I was there,  invisible to both but present! I was watching and if the bird was unable to escape I am sure I would have opened my window in haste and freaked the cat so she leaves the bird alone. 
The outcome of this dangerous adventure was gorgeous! I've been tracking  this bird (a very remarkable nightingale)  for a month or more now,  and it was the first time I see him so high and fast! Amazing!

It made me think of little and big things. The fight we are in, the  battle, the failures, the victory,...the almost escaping! The Watcher!

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  1. Hehe your new blog was about birds and cats, and mine was about a dog.

    Anyways, I love to think about the little and big things. I sometimes put them besides each other and see how vast and drastic various aspects of life. It is amazing, this experience as humans. It's definitely something which is a blessing.