Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Peaceful Death

I was thinking about life and death...

I remembered my bulbs, the ones that the person who takes care of the maintenance in the office killed accidentely. 
I replanted those and everyone in the office thought that I was crazy (a fairly true judgement ) but I did that anyway and prayed they would live again.
Surprisingly (or not very much so because I know my God when it comes answering prayers) they began to form green tiny thing that will come to full bloom in spring.
It was amazing, seeing them coming to life again.

Life and death come in an inseparable duo. A sure and peaceful heart regarding the end is the impulse to a lively and confident existence. 

I get sad when I see people looking at death as something morbid, they seem to have a very gloomy life. 

Oh! I am not referring to the prevailing meaning of wanting to die as in wanting everything to stop, a meaning that comes from exasperation and hopelessness. What I am referring to is the particular meaning of death that comes from knowing that  life came to us through the Death of Christ, that meaning which gives you an eagerness to live, to do more because fear is conquered.

Living because He died and dying because He lives.

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  1. Amen! This is very beautiful! You have a great heart and mind, and are very right regarding death. It is a natural, beautiful part of life. We have hope that our death is not the end of this life, but simply a stepping into the next life, where we will spend forever will our beautiful Saviour.