Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sweet May, Swift May

May is full of sweet blossoms! In the strict sense, for my gardenias are just filling the house with a wonderful fragrance (I am putting some in my hair too!) , and the not in the too strict sense, for a lot of nice things happen in May (one of them was meeting a very adorable lady last week!).
May has such a sweet taste as well! Everything seems just more delicious (or maybe it is just my ever growing appetite! I am craving for anything sugary at this point! Writing about sweets in the afternoon before tea is a mistake I have discovered!). 
I believe ice cream season is eternal. In the summer it makes you chill, in the winter you are longing for summer, in the autumn you are just prolonging summer and in spring anticipating it!
And so, last Friday, the very first day of May, all sweet things got combined! I had an incredibly delicious ice cream with wonderful friends and that adorable lady! It could not be better at that moment!
We went to this artisan sweet shop and I decided to go for two scoops, one pistachio and one Ashta! The man's servings were fitted for a true man's hand, that is strength, fullness and precision! The portions were huge and perfectly fitted! Now, if I tried to describe the ice cream itself,I might scare you a bit so I will just say that it was just too good to be true! 
Shame on me though, I did not finish it but to my defence I had two lunches and one dinner that day, and I never skip breakfast!! This could not get off my head for a few days, me not finishing an ice cream! I did not finish that heavenly ice cream!! I had all these day dreams of going again and taking another one or just me finishing it and so on...
As I was transported by the lovely memory of friends and ice cream,an idea came to my mind: the melting of the ice cream... It is not really desired, especially if it is on a cone! And then this idea lead me to think about life in general... and how sometimes I am offered this wonderful ice cream but I am too distracted by its colour or shape, or  I am too slow to grab it and it just melts and goes to waste... I thought about opportunities I miss because I am afraid or meetings I do not go to because I am too self-concious, or even food I do not try because I do not want to waken up my slumbering taste-buds... and as I was thinking all this, I thought about the verse of Shakespeare again, hope being swift as a swallow... swiftness is something I put aside sometimes given my slow nature but this ice cream came to shake me up a bit .... I had this sentence come back to my mind "find out the will of God for your day and generation, and then, as quickly as possible, get into line" (I read it while reading about beer! I bet it is gluttony that is paving my highway to somewhere too hot to be even desired by me!) 
And I decided, I will not let that life ice cream melt! I shall be swift to follow God wherever He calls me to go! I shall be swift to hope in Him! I shall be swift to resist temptation and swift to ask for His help when I am just too weak to be a swallow!


  1. +JMJ+

    It's too late for me to comment on a post about May, Itinerante, but at least I'm just in time with your prompts!

    Word: Mockingbird
    Question: What is the best language to learn?

  2. +JMJ+

    Itinerante, have you read this yet? If not, may I change your word? =P

    1. +JMJ+

      Okay, here it goes . . . Chicken!

      And if it makes you feel any better, I am ending up with Mockingbird. LOL!