Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ha Hoo Ha: a Hot French Fry

I had a long drive alone late in the afternoon yesterday and long drives  have this ability to make your mind sound more palpable than anything (or perhaps I really do talk to myself then... oops! shhh). I was looking through the window (umm, there was a little bit traffic, don't worry I am a safe driver... I guess...) and I saw a guy with one hot French fry on his palm and holing another one to his mouth in the other hand, I could not hear him but I could guess his ha! hoo! ha! reaction... truly hot, I did see the smoke, yep!  but he seriously enjoyed the first privileged bites that I started craving for some! -Potatoes and fries in particular are really something! I think upon arriving to heave, one of my very lovely dear friends will be escorted directly to meet the inventor of French fires to get a chance to thank him/her personally... but trust me the joy will be his to meet her!-

This is not a post about fries, I keep telling myself, but it's lunchtime and I am staving! So... Back to my car drive idea... Back to that guy with a fry (poetic, ain't it?) When I saw him so happy about his fry, I had a very vivid picture come back to my mind from my childhood, when my lovely mum (I really love her!) would be cooking something so yummy (yeah you imagined it right! that was every singly day!) she would call us and hand us those tiny tea plates and put one bit, piece of what was there to taste, and trust me if you never experienced such a privilege, you missed a lot! There is something in knowing beforehand, in getting to taste something before you get it all in, the first few toes in the ocean before you dive in... it's unexplainable but it really is one of the loveliest feelings ever (beside peeing after a huge cup of coke... agreed!). I heard my mind thinking out loud in the car, smiling big to my reflection in the mirror (ummm there was a little bit of traffic,euu, yeah... again!): This is it! This is it when we pray, we get that tiny bit, lovely bite of what will be there in heaven! That is it! That is it when we gather with our bothers and sisters in Christ  (specially that one who will meet the French Fry inventor) and we feel almost drunk from happiness... that is it, a sip of the beautiful fellowship we will have in heaven! And I thought wow, all what we live here, all the goodness of the Lord we witness, His nearness, His glory, His love, His comfort... all this is but one hot French fry on our palms while the rest is being cooked for us up there, to have eternally, abundantly, everlastingly! I was (still am) happy!

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