Thursday, August 14, 2014

You Have Thought of Me in Kindness

This is a smallish honouring to the wonderful people I met this past week...

I am back! I know you all missed me terribly... Okay not really, plus anyway I was not posting daily to miss anything... But, in all cases, I am back. I am back with a few things that really pierced my heart.
There was no special image that triggered what I strongly want to express.
I was driving work today and I was thinking wow! These people I worked with are so holy, so set apart, so different! One essential element before I go on: I work for a Christian NGO and I have seen, with the very eyes of my soul and body, the goodness of the Lord and His tremendous work among His people. I have seen His image reflected in every face I looked upon in this community but what I experienced this time was something beyond and above. Something that made me long even more for heaven (and that IS something!)
I know Love is above all things like St Paul says but there is one thing that struck me in this mission trip to the point of tears (to the point that I dared take up a microphone and speak before 75 breathing bodies (which is much more difficult to happen than tears)! and yes they all laughed first, and yes I was shaking but I DID IT!! and I contained my tear in my throat! yey me!)
I was thinking. I was thinking that I was thinking. I was thinking what is it that really moved me that much! It is odd because I am not easily shaken by people. An elephant yes, a turtle maybe, the sun definitely can inspire me, but people... people are different... What was it in these that mesmerised me?! And the face of so many of them came back to my mind and I was in awe before their thoughtfulness...
I thought that I was thinking. I thought God has us in His mind. God thinks and it becomes. I have often thought that animals can think which is true maybe but they cannot act their thoughts. This is God! He thinks and we are made. These people thought and they acted. They thought in care and consideration and their actions came accordingly! They took what is of God. They acted at the impulse of His Spirit! The kindness they manifested was exceptional. The readiness to serve was inconceivable! I could not believe that these young men and women were just so holy. I saw walking miracles. I was healed. I have paid in physical effort, I have gained much much more in spiritual currency! 
I was treated in kindness I have never seen before! I had no expectation to build any new friendship let alone interact with people but what happened was just nothing I could imagine. I have never expected someone to cry because they hurt my finger by accident or someone asking about a story I mentioned randomly three days ago... I have seen the goodness of the Lord, but I never saw it that clearly among His living image(s), His living sacrifices!
Their thoughtfulness was nothing I could think of.
There is so much more on my heart that I want to tell  but I feel if I put it all at once it will take away the worth of each separately. So! if anyone want to hear some of these stories, just let me know!!


  1. We are so blessed and honored to have met you! You are an exceptional person reflecting the image of god! Thank you for everything you've done!

  2. It was an honor to serve with you and be with you in the same household for the last 10 days.
    I have a lot of these stories that you told us abt at dinner time in my heart, and will definitely ask you to go through them again one day.
    Thanks for being such an inspiration to me and to all our household members.
    Much love in Him