Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Natural Cycle

It was late, 21.30. I was walking home. It was a long walk (I was already becoming a huge blob, swollen from the heat and the dust of summer days! Imagine the beauty! My feet are still suffering today (you can be sad for me, compassion is a virtue)...). Midway, I see a shop that was displaying a lot of colourful wool yarns. I was fascinated and stopped to look! (Rest assured this is not a textile eulogy post).
And since we are at the fascination topic, let me divert a little bit from my initial idea (that you have no idea what it is yet! (I feel powerful, and ridiculous, probably more ridiculous than powerful...)) ... I love rituals (maybe that is why I love tea, will have to think about that later... anyway!) I am learning about a Latin and Ancient Greek word everyday and other day I stumble upon the word in Ancient Greek "Emplektos" : stunned, amazed; stupid, senseless... That should kill every doubt you had about my sanity! Stunned and stupid, amazed and senseless. Some people are just fascinated by almost anything... and probably to their downfall... you see... (Please blame the two cups of coffee for this logorrhea and shift in topics)
So! I stop and gaze at the door of the shop, a pretty order, all these shades and beautiful colours, red, green, blue, pink.... Yellow (of course yellow!)... oh wait! that is not a yarn... That thing is moving! My! A little bird in a cage, at 21.30, still awake inside, still agitated.... I could not get my eyes away from it. I was stung in the heart, I felt sad for it. It was bedtime for birdies and he was still awake. I do not mind keeping pets but I do wish we consider very highly their natural cycles.
His image could not leave my spirit. And perhaps my image could not leave the spirit of Him who watches over me when I go against every natural cycle of life with Him and perhaps it stings his heart as much as it stung mine. When I let the world en-cage me with worry, when I let the timing of this life, the rush it imposes, take the place of the peace God intent for us to live in. 
I know the idea of putting a bird in a cage enrages some and the image of freedom always associated with a bird being freed from the cage is somewhat very appreciated but to be honest, I did not feel an urge to free that bird, I did not feel an urge to  be free... There is something in knowing that the heart is free no matter this image of the cage reminded me of... and it lead me to consider the snare of the heart, of what we call life, the world and how much we let it dictate our actions... To put us awake in our sleep time and sleep when we should be wide awake, vigilant to the dangers of the evil one...
Today I woke up with a new determination... To live on His rhythm! To wake up to the peace He bestows, to carry on with the graces He showers me with and to make sure at the end of the day I sleep on the tune of His voice and no one else's! 
Ps. The image! I am super happy I found it! It's a textile place with a cage and a person in it! Could not fit more what I was experiencing! Thank you author of it!!

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