Monday, October 13, 2014

A Type Oh!

There is a strange habit of disliking typos among the smart or the  gifted with a sharp attention. I am neither smart nor sharp and therefore typos do not particularly bother me (and do please forgive me when I fall into one...)
It is something to have an opinion about a thing and to experience a thing (the latter not always the best option).
The other day I got a message asking me about a phrase I used. The phrase was "kit together". I explained with much enthusiasm that it comes from one psalm that was on my mind that day (and went in that loophole of explaining the explained explanation... poor people who fall into my hands). I, too, diligently, specified the psalm... only with a difference of ten! 149 instead of 139... I got a reply that I am maybe a little bit shifted to the right... I tried explaining that in Arabic it is the opposite direction hence my confusion (not really...but I did think of using that argument)
I was thinking if I wrote one hundred thyrti nine (am I the only one who finds thyrti aesthetic? anyway) the mistake would have been more of a comic inclination than of a trivial one unlike the difference between 129 and 149 (139!). Somehow a letter typo is much easier to excuse and understand than a number typo. A gift for 10000 usd is not the same as a one for 1000 usd (though both are really much). A gift for ten thousand dollars and one for ten thousands dollars is basically the same and that is quite an expensive one! I'll be happy with much less! (humble me)...
A moment of indignation! Oh the injustice towards the numbers! But when that moment passed, I was left with some realities. 
Mistakes, though the same, are not of the same effect! 
It is something to sin knowing the Lord, and another sinning while not knowing Him. As if one is like a number typo and the other like a letter one...
I was thinking that it is maybe true that the letter typo shows quickly and get that little zigzag line under it that points all attention to it (Oh the shame!)  while a number typo goes unnoticed, undetected...  but one can be as quickly corrected as noticed and swiped away and the other can ramp and damage and still hide unless one comes with an intention of attention! I do not want to sit idle there watching other people's red lines and letting small things corrupt my heart! I want to remove that hidden zero here and that extra apostrophe there! I decided to check my life with that intention to check for every type...oh! and to be gentle whenever I see a red zigzag out there in world, I might be sitting there with a shift of ten to the left! 
I decided to go to my Editor...I thought that whatever my type was, no matter what the typo was...there is one same forgiving restoring Lord waiting to edit and correct with grace and mercy!


  1. Great read thank you. Keep up the good work.

  2. nice one! you are smart. never say otherwise.

  3. Going to our Editor... loved that! Thanks for the reminder to review our lives in His light and be open to corrections (red zigzags)

  4. Amazing V! You are truly gifted.... There's no typo that the Editor cannot fix.

  5. +JMJ+

    Given the theme of this post, I hate to be the one to point this out but . . . the quotation should be "knit together," not just "kit together." ;-) I would know because I've been knitting quite a bit lately (LOL!) and that very psalm has been popping into my head!