Monday, December 17, 2012

Guess what!

I find some "guess what" questions to be very funny, specially if they end with an exclamation mark and not an actual question mark. They are those guesses that either you will never be able to guess or the ones you actually do not need the rest of the phrase to guess it. And some people might find them so odd: why ask a question you know the other will never guess and why if you know they know, you ask it again?!
But for me I do not think it is that way that I should look at it. I find it beautiful! I find a "guess what" question that you do not know what it is about to be like a trumpet-call announcing a revelation! Something that will startle you, that will probably brighten your day. God wakes you up in the morning everyday with this sort of guess whats... He has in store for you something you cannot know ahead but if you try to guess it with Him, you will be startled! 
Now the other kind of guess what are maybe my favourites! They make you happy! Ohh yes I know the answer!! And those ones the Lord asks them too... Guess what your future holds... YES the best! Guess what about your sin... Yes I paid its price... 
Ps. If you are reading this then Guess what!  

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