Friday, April 8, 2011

My Colleague

My colleague, is so beautiful (like the picture of the purple flowers)! She has a heart full of compassion! Kindness beyond imagination! 
I always thought I am very blessed beyond what I deserve but today this thought was so before me, so concrete because of her!

Sometimes I start to treat her like she is my age because she is so humble but it hit me everytime I realise she is more than double my age!

Today, in fact, was one of these day where anything she does hit my nerves because or I would do it differently or I was so overwhelmed with work that one more word will seem like a text, and logically after such a day I would never come to love her more but it happened! I loved everything about her today! I wondered why and I honestly found no reasonable answer. I just felt I need to stop and thank God for how much to the details He takes care of me!


  1. I wish more people would have this attitude. Far often, a bad day will turn into a long grudge. This is so silly. But God graced you with the correct way to handle it. =)